Hi! I'm Amanda. 20 year old student and patron of the arts; native and resident of Baltimore, Maryland.
This is a collection of artists and inspiration, both for you and myself.

illustration / design / photography / installation / fibers / sculpture / painting / personal work

Michael Northrup - Portraits of animals and people. I love the random, humorous, ironic beauty of his photography.

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Julien Pacaud is a french illustrator and artists and as you might have notice he’s an expert on collages.

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Initial sketches for Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s multi-million dollar installations- The Gates, Central Park and Over the River, Project for Arkansas River.

The idea for Over the River was born in 1992, and was approved in 2011, but is still pending in preparation and approval from other departments. The project will be able to be seen and enjoyed from above by car, bus or motorcycle, and from underneath the fabric by raft or kayak. Wide clearance between the banks and the edges of the fabric panels will create a play of contrast allowing sunlight to illuminate the river on both sides. When seen from underneath, the luminous and translucent fabric will highlight the contours of the clouds, the mountains and the vegetation. For a period of two weeks, Over The River will join the other recreational activities and the natural life of the river.

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Julien Pacaud

  • Unknown Destination
  • Fractal Hunting Party
  • Lake of Tears
  • The Sims

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Embroidery Art by Mana Morimoto

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SPOTLIGHT: Romain Laurent’s Loop Portrait Series

This is truly amazing. As most of his photography projects follow a long process from inception to final touches, Romain Laurent started this project with the idea to create or find again some personal rhythm and spontaneity which are sometimes hard to maintain while working on bigger scale ideas. 

The concept is simple: shoot and share online at least one animated/cinemagraph/whateveritscalled portrait a week.

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Toile News - Margaret Murphy

Paintings based on the news and the toile textile pattern.

From top to bottom: Tell Your Son to Behave, Protest in Egypt, and Rape Bus.

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Alex Roulette

These depict the blurry sense of time and place in memories.

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Jay Gould, Experimental Storytelling

These images are based on scenes in a fictional universe, physically created and then photographed.

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